March 17, 2019

Shoot and Share First Photography Contest Entered.

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As a professional photographer its always great to push yourself, educate yourself and continue to grow in every aspect photography .  One way of growing was to enter a very large well known photography contest. This was a huge step for me as It’s always hard to put yourself out their with other photographers who are all truly incredible .  I chose to do this as I want  to continue to grow and push my standards upwards, I truly aim to produce  the best possible work I can bring to each and every client  and also see if there are areas I need to of improve in..  I actually surprised myself on how well I actually did for my first year ever entering a photo contest . I chose Shoot and Share as the very first contest because Its a huge contest there was over 500,000 entries and is a very fair contest and Its equally  randomized showing each photo an equal amount of times and the  contest runs for weeks and weeks and you have no idea how your doing in the 12 rounds unless some favourites your photos . What I loved the most was no one knows which photograph belong to each photograher which I loved the idea of being equal even though I did spot quiet a few from fellow friends and mentors and amazing photographers during the time of the contest was run.  But I never saw any of mine while I was voting and I’m honoured and humbled by the results, I didn’t enter very many photos as It was the first year  and what happened surprised me. It was a very fun experience and I cant wait to enter more contests and show some of my very  new works in the future.

Here are my results, I received 19th place for landscape photography  placed 19th out of 7593

This just happened dragon fly photo top 20%  placed 903 out of 6103

People Portraits  baseball portrait  Top 10%  Placed 2256 out of 25034

Pet Portrait our Doodle   Top 30%  place 5026 out of 24540

Teen and Senior Ballerina Top 20% placed 6743 out of 39136

  1. Dave Quinn says:

    Love your photography. Your passion shows through each and every shot. ( Of course I have always thought so, even before you set up Pretty Dreams). Keep up the fantastic job.

    • Awe thank you so very much Dave and for all the amazing support and encouraging words. Its been a dream that has become a reality and I’m so beyond happy doing what I do.

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