June 20, 2019

AFNS Award

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As a professional photograher you always strive to take a photo that makes an impact or tells a story. Also one that achieves a very high standard in quality that is expected from me, I truly aim to achieve the highest of standards and to give my clients art that they truly love and proudly put on there walls that they will treasure. Each time I have a client, I strive for that happiness, that they get when they finally see the end results of our session.

Why am I excited about this award, its pretty simple its not about winning awards but its about the validation that my work is exceeding the standard, and that I am delivering the quality my clients deserve. I get to live the dream of being able to bring stories to life that truly bring childhood to life. They are art pieces , not just a simple photograph. Im very proud of my work and seeing the joy that I see on my clients faces is the best reward and award ever.

A lot of work and detail goes into each photo, the behind the scenes of prepping a session and finding that perfect location and building the story we have envisioned together, doesn’t finish once the photo is taken. Then comes the editing which I truly enjoy, I become submerged in it, sometimes I truly do forget the time.

This photo took approximately an hour to edit. Why an hour most would ask ? Its the quality of work I bring forth in each and every photo, I pay attention to all the littlest details and each little aspect of the photo is looked at right down to the final crop, this one in particular I shot with my 135mm lens at 2.1 FS, which gives you that beautiful creamy background, so that was the easy part no background distractions Georgia is the focal point and the subject in the photo.

what took the longest in this one to edit is I did what is called a special colour grading so I made all the tones more vibrant all hand painted, I don’t use presets, Its all hand edited, I made the greens more beautiful and all the tones complimentary to the scenery . yes the original was beautiful but this edit completes the story, its warm, yet intriguing and magical all at the same time. it captures you, you start wondering what her story is and what happens next and that in its self is pure magic. Winning an AFNS award secures me in knowing I am giving my clients what they are looking for in beautiful quality images.

what is an AFNS? The AFNS AWARD is an international competition for photographers in the field of Newborn Photography & Maternity Photography and Children Photography .They draw on photographers who convey a high level of quality and exceptionalness with their pictures. The idea, composition, image design and implementation are evaluated by an international expert jury.

I originally found out I was a winner , then a few days later the final results came in and the image also won a placed award with a Special Award which is one of there highest awards during this past round in their competition. Which makes me truly ecstatic to know my work is being validated being able to produce work as great as some of the most amazing photograghers Ive ver seen. I was shocked , surprised and humbled . but I have to say also a but giddy with happiness that all my education hours put in between business time and extra workshops attended is truly paying of and that Im able to bring work im proud to give my clients that is of this quality. .

So What’s next ? Well learning never ends at least for me , it is a process and I love my craft, and my business and all aspects of photography. But I’m not done learning, there is always room to learn and I still have so much to learn, I love to keep things fresh and new and try new sessions and Ideas, My goal is produce work that is different and Individual as not two children are the same and I love bringing that to life. There is always new techniques to learn and new workshops to attend . I will be attending two huge workshops this year with the hopes to bring new and amazing techniques and ideas to my clients. I will be attending two amazing workshops one in New York City and New Jersey combined with Sara Hunt and deborah koch photography and One in Montreal with noelle mirabella photography.

Its been an exciting and fabulous year so far, lots to blog about so stay posted as I will be adding a lot more in the coming weeks and If your interested in a Session Don’t wait summer if already flying by can you believe we are almost at the end of June!! I sure cant believe it, it just flying by.

I am already booking into August New Specials and Announcements coming in July for August !!

I will also be keeping you updated on all current Sessions and upcoming sessions coming soon, lots of fabulous adventures await my clients . Plus I will keep you updated on the workshops I will be attending and also my exciting trip to the New York Fashion Week, in New York City In September as Marie Belle Couture’s official Photograher , which I’m truly excited and honoured to have this amazing opportunity lots of come !!

I hope you all have a fabulous day and hope to work with you soon !!

AFNS Special Winner Award

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