June 15, 2021

Your Portrait Experience

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What we as a studio offer that is special

At Pretty Dreams Photography, we focus on the entire experience, It’s more than just being a photography studio to us. It’s about listening to your visions and planning a session that is truly a reflection of you or your baby or child. It’s a place that is comfortable and safe, that is never rushed, as I never time our sessions together. You cant time memories, they already slip away to fast as it is. we strive to make the entire process easy and truly special.

A big part of creating those moments is getting to know you, you’re more than just a name on a list or timeslot, we thrive on getting to personally know you during our consultation together. This is key to creating those moments that are truly unique and special and are meaningful and reflect you, or your child’s true personality. This is a huge part of giving you flawless stunning portraits while giving you an experience you will love that has the highest level of service. Pretty Dreams photography thrives on making the entire experience enjoyable, fun and special while creating those truly special heirloom portraits.

The custom experience: What goes into designing a custom portrait session.

Here at Pretty Dreams Photography, we focus on detail, It is such an important part of the experience, every little detail is accounted for. This is something we thrive for every time Sonia builds a portrait session that is based on the client’s wants, needs and listens to them intently so when she is creating the session the session is specifically catered for the individual client and is unique to them.

A lot of the planning is done on her part to capture the right emotion, connection and story you want to be told in your final portraits, that planning consists of finding that a perfect location which includes lots of scouting, finding the perfect style and wardrobe, props and even colour combinations are all key parts in her planning to creating images that are truly special. All those careful detailing combined with her photography techniques will set your portraits apart from others. The great news is here at Pretty Dreams Photography we take can of every detail even the smallest details you didn’t think about they are done for you, you just need to show up. that’s why we want to personally know you so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Creative In studio Portrait with Pretty Dreams Photography

But I just want digitals

Sonia at Pretty Dreams Photography takes a very limited number of sessions a month so she can craft and work exclusively with the clients she has during the month and dedicates her time exclusively to them. She takes great pride in creating pieces of art that are truly professional and that are fine art portraits that are more than the simple snap and shoot session. She has created a portrait studio that is unique and a step above the normal. When you come to Pretty Dreams Photography you have access to some of the most gorgeous albums and luxurious prints and wall art from one of the world’s most exclusive and prestigious photography lab in Italy that is unattainable in our local North American Market.

Plus you still get the accompanying digital file for each print purchased. So you get the best of both worlds. There is something truly special about why photography should be seen, it is part of our legacy, our history, our families and those should be proudly shown off and not hidden away on a hard drive to be lost away in cyberspace.

All of the artwork you will receive is museum grade, that is archival quality with a 300-year warranty, that you can pass on to future generations and your legacy as a family is properly frozen in time with no worries that technology will fail you or change enough that you won’t be able to see those images anymore due to technology advances and they can be cherished and loved and still see them in the same shape and vivid colour as you see them today. If you’re looking for just digitals then we are not a right fit, and Im ok with that and I am happy you love my artwork enough to come to my webpage.

What is included in my Portrait experience?

The Consultation and Planning Appointment :

If you chose Pretty Dreams Photography, Sonia will give you a call and book a consultation appointment, Due to Covid all appointments have been done mainly virtual, but hoping we can start to see some normality soon we can move them back to the Studio. We would book a time in the studio for you to come in and talk over a cup of coffee or tea or beverage of choice. This is a perfect opportunity to get to learn more about you or your child and what your visions and desired images would look like. We also talk about colour choices and you can even have access to seeing our client wardrobe so we can start to build your session.

This is also the perfect opportunity for you to see the Samples in the studio and see the amazing heirloom artwork products in person, as they truly have to be seen in person to show you how absolutely stunning they are. At this time you will also provide the session ( creative ) fee to secure your date and time, no prints or products are included in this fee, this is for the entire creative experience and for my time and talent. At this time you will also sign your portrait contract.

The Session Day:

Once the session is day arrives In Studio or on location, due to covid you will be required to sign the covid waiver prior to arrival, and then you get to enjoy and relax everything is done Sonia will skillfully capture the images you desired with all her knowledge and expertise while creating new memories for you to look back on.

If it’s your child or baby being photographed sit back and enjoy, They are in a safe, caring, patient and very professional environment. Grab a beverage and snack supplied a sit back and enjoy the magic being made we never rush.

If it is a Maternity session we can help with light hair and makeup and we take lots of breaks and enjoy the little pampering along the way while we capture you in one of the most special times of your life. before you leave you will get a special package with all the details explaining your ordering appointment and a date to come back to the studio to view your images.

The Ordering Appointment:

In approximately 2 -3 weeks depending on the time of year, you will come back to the studio for your ordering appointment, where you and your spouse and Sonia will go over the final images and assist you in designing artwork specific to the style in your home or your individual needs. This also the day you pay for your art, will limited payment plans available on request. *All major credit cards accepted *

Your Artwork Arrives:

Once your artwork arrives, Pretty Dreams Photography will call you and we will arrange museum-style delivery or pickup, including instructions to keep it in its best shape, your USB drive and Cleaning cloth for your wall art. Installation services are available upon request for large artwork. We will check in to see how you’re enjoying your portraits and now is the time to enjoy the artwork that fits perfectly into your home’s individual aesthetics and are special to you.

How to Book with Pretty Dreams Photography

We are excited to see you in our studio where we can create portraits that are truly meaningful and heirloom pieces your portrait experience is so very important to us and we look forward to hearing from you. you can Email us at prettydreamsphotography@gmail.com or inquire to book through our webpage.



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