October 3, 2020

Storybook Vintage Session

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Storybook child heirloom session by Pretty Dreams Photography

This summer I had some of the most incredible sessions of my career so far’ Over the next few weeks I will try to post each of them as each is so incredibly special and unique. I want to start with this one as I just finished this gallery reveal earlier this week and it’s truly one of those sessions that have become a favourite and that I love so much. Seeing the Mom’s reaction was incredible and priceless. It’s one of those sessions I keep going back to look at even as we speak.

It was truly one of those evenings that couldn’t have been more perfect, the setting, the light and the kids, I loved working with these amazing twins and their parents.

How it all begins:

Client trust is so incredible and I love it when a client has full trust in my vision and lets me create some truly special pieces for them. During our phone consultation, I found out mom and dad love vintage, fairies and the magic of childhood memories and stories.

During the consultation, I learned alot about Eloise and Oliver and their personalities which are so different yet so together in unison.

I started to plan off those feelings. a lot of brainstorming and drawings and jotting on paper ideas. and Some we just went with the flow ie Oliver suggested an image of him playing my the tracks with the vintage wood train I brought for him and it worked. part of what I do is go off those moments and those are some of the most amazing ones at the end of the day.


I wanted to create heirloom images but also create mini classic storybooks. So when you turn the pages it’s like mini-stories in a book or album as both parents are teachers I got a sense of how much they truly love education and stories and heirloom memories. I wanted it to be there own stories.

The twins bond being shown was also very important to them I knew from our conversation and it was really a key piece. emotion, connection and even a bit of silliness are needed and we had a got chuckle over one of the images. In some images, you can almost see them reading each other’s minds which almost gives you goosebumps.

Incorporating personal heirlooms:

Because we were near the end of summer I wanted warm colours and props the vintage dolls are duplicate twins that are from Germany and were a gift to the twins from Santa and was a little piece that was special and a must to be incorporated.


Location is key and I Scouted for days as I wanted a magical but old vintage area, and I was so excited when I found an old heritage spot where there where old deactivated train tracks and trees and fences and right on the water with stunning flowers and even a windmill.

Outfits complete the theme:

Outfitting is crucial in a storybook session or in any of my sessions, I spend a good few hours picking outfits to match the tone, colours and theme of our sessions. to be honest my studio looks like a big mess by the time I am done picking outfits. yet it is so worth the planning.

The twins are wearing In Studio wardrobe that had been prepped carefully and cleaned properly due to Covid 19. Eloise wore a stunning Marie Belle Couture Gown from her vintage NYC collection and also a Little dashing darling outfit. The texture is so important in creating these types of images so to me it’s really important they are in clothing fit the theme but is also stunning quality.

Oliver’s accessories I picked up in Scotland a few years ago and Outfit was simple and perfect from Zara’s. My flower sack was a custom knit by my mother in law and I always use fresh flowers again for the authentic texture. all these little pieces add up to making the perfect vintage storybook session.

I hope you love these storybook images as much as their parents and I do, and I cant wait to see these come to life in Print on this amazing family’s walls and in an album.

Storybook Gallery of Eloise and Oliver By Pretty Dreams Photography

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