January 9, 2020

Why you should book a baby session with a professional photographer.

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I’m in total awe its already 2020, where is the time going, I’m sitting at my desk, editing this beautiful picture. When I get an email that comes through as an inquiry for a sitter session and I figured it was time to write this post. I want to help parents understand how amazing it is to book a fine art heirloom session and reasons why booking with a professional photographer is so important.

Heirloom custom sitter session for ages 6-10 months

The work that goes into a sitter session is so much more than just snapping a photo, yet it is so gratifying when you end up with images like the one above. Allow me to elaborate here on the time and planning it takes.

It all starts with a 1-hour complimentary consultation, this usually happens before the parents even book a session, parents are invited to my studio or to talk on the phone and they can hear or see my collections, and this is where we fully plan out the session, we discuss the story, colour setups and a vision for the session. I never do two the same so each session is unique to their own child.

1-2 hours of post-planning alone, I use this time for brainstorming for ideas for the session and planning the Setups and working on drawings on paper and colour palettes ext and being In-studio coordinating the ideas and storylines and making sure they work together and that they are safe and that all the colours work and blend cohesively so there are no distracting elements in the setups .

1 hour of actual prepping in Studio, this includes setting up all the props, outfits and making sure each station setup is perfect before mom and baby arrive and get to the studio so the session runs smoothly. My sitter sessions include three full custom setups, The sitter sessions can take up to 2 hours itself with breaks, feeding and diaper changes.

1 to 1.5 hour of cleaning up after the baby is gone and washing all the props used, and outfits and sanitizing any toys so they are safe for the next baby to use.

Once that is done it will take about 30 – 45 mins of transferring the RAW files to a safe place so they are secure and ready to edit. once they are downloaded, it will take 30-40 minutes alone selecting the very best images, which can be so hard to do, some of what I do is break it down and look for the best expression, best sharpness, story elements and best composition, the list goes on, the job is even harder when you know you can only select 20 of the very best images.

When it comes to editing alone one gallery of 20 images can take me 8- 15 hours, this usually means adding light and shadow and enhancing already a stunning photo right from In camera but making it into a perfected art piece.

And Last but not least the ordering appointment that can take up from 1 to 1.5 hours post-session, This is when we meet one more time and parents choose their favourite images and wall art designs. Once the artwork arrives I then personally hand-deliver the products to each client.

Now are you ready for the Final Number ?

That is approximately 22 – 30 hours of work dedicated to your precious one’s session.

1, Saftey First

Once you arrive in the studio and the session starts you can relax and sit back over a cup of coffee while you watch breathtaking professional photos being taken of your little one. I may once in a while ask for your assistance if there is pose where extra safety measures are needed, such a spotter like for the image below. Safety always comes first, there is a huge level of understanding in the level of care and patience needed to make you and your baby feel safe and secure as we move through props and poses. The image below mom was spotting next to baby to complete the storytelling image and was then photoshopped out to complete the image . The final image is truly so sweet and one of my favorites for Hazels set.

Storytelling Image of heirloom session

2, Equipment

In order to have the best quality photos, equipment truly does matter. From cameras, lighting and lenses, to props, outfits, backdrops and accessories, investing in some of the best equipment and software available is of the utmost importance to maximize the quality of your finished product. Not to mention you’ll have access to a large prop and timeless outfit collection and wont have to worry about purchasing your own, or any of the details.

3, Attention to detail

Hiring a professional photographer also comes with the assurance and knowledge knowing that they will know exactly what to look for in creating the perfect images. Paying close attention to each little detail such as lighting, positioning of prop and child angles, adjusting the minor things such as the positioning of the outfit, that it flows and is not oddly tucked or that the headband is straight and smooth or that the position of the bonnet is even or the posture of the little one in the prop is safe and yet comfortable and perfectly aligned. Things someone who lacks experience might not think of each and every detail . All these are important aspects a professional photograher knows how to manipulate to ensure a smooth and successful session Its all about taking the time and patience of fixing the littlest of details to complete the story while at the session

4, Education/ Experience

Education and experience go hand in hand with attention to detail. when you hire a professional photographer you know they have spent countless hours learning the skills, attending courses and workshops required to be able to understand the technical and creative aspects of manual camera settings, lighting, composition and positioning and editing to truly capture professional images. Photography is truly complex, just understanding the elements described above alone is not enough to guarantee an excellent image. Having experience in creating creative images makes all these elements come together in creating images that are truly gorgeous and captivating storytelling images.

curiosity !!

5, Price

Remember the saying ” You get what you pay for? This certainly is very true for photoshoots. When choosing your photographer going with the least expensive or the “best deal” might not be the greatest choice or the right decision for you. I love deals as much as anyone else, and it’s fantastic if there is a special deal going on, but always do your research and see why they might be offering it and look at the full quality your getting, not just quantity. Remember your little one is only tiny for a very short amount of time, So if you end up choosing someone you end up not being happy with you cant get those days back. With that in mind experience, time and knowledge is one of the reasons why photoshoots could be so pricey, despite the fact that a lot of money goes into equipment and not to mention the amount of time needed for the session alone , editing , and preparing your final product.

6, Editing

When hiring a professional photograher, you will have the guarantee that your images will be polished and perfect. Editing is such an important final step in the entire process. Even though a professional photograher gets in correct right in camera, Photoshop enhances it but making sure the photo is perfectly exposed , colours are perfect and the image is polished to a professional level. Although the photos look already beautiful using high quality equipment , every image can be enhanced through editing, lots of babies can have some red tones to there skin, or little scratches or bruises because they are becoming more active with crawling and learning independence. Some even have blemishes from new foods the recently tried. whatever the issue a photograher knows how to edit to give you wall worthy images of your sweet precious little one.

7, Final Product

Due to the time and work and hours put into your session, you can be assured that the prints and products used to showcase your baby’s art is of the highest museum grade and archival quality . This means your final images are calibrated for true accurate colour , and put on products that truly feel, smell and are of the highest quality that will last for generation to come. Having professional products that makes your images pop and be truly pieces of art that will last for generations to come. will be an investment you will truly cherish. and that you will be so proud to showcase in your home and show family and friends. That’s the main reason your looking to get professional photos is so you can show them and display them for your personal enjoyment right?

8, And Finally

And finally, when you look for a professional photographer who specializes, in child, maternity, baby and newborn photography, you know you are being taken care of completely in the whole experience as we have the greatest appreciation and respect for those fleeting moments in life and feel like we have a greater purpose and responsibility to provide the highest standard of exclusive customer service, care and Full respect and genuine love for reaching our clients goals no matter the age. From the moment you inquire about booking a session to the moment you receive your final products, you will notice the love, care and attention to each tiniest detail that will make your photography experience an unforgettable one !! The best reason to book a photo session with a professional photographer is they are one little once, children grow up in a blink of an eye. This is definitely true when it comes to the baby stage. In what feels like an instant your baby will grow from this little adorable baby you were able to hold and snuggle with, to a toddler running around that you just can’t keep up with!! years from now you will hold the photos from your baby session in your hands and be able to re-live the emotions of having them at such a tiny stage and those feeling of holding them in your arms will feel like yesterday You will pull out the photos or look on your wall and be amazed at just how big your little one has grown!! you are truly capturing moments that are unforgettable and are an irreplaceable moment in ti

Final edited baby Portrait

Pretty Dreams photography offers fine art newborn, baby and child photography in the Brockville Ontario, Kingston Ontario and Ottawa Ontario and surrounding cities. Please inquire at prettydreamsphotography@gmail.com for pricing and availability .



  1. Saima says:

    What a great article that covers every detail and aspect of what a photographer does to deliver stunning pictures to their clients. Gorgeous pictures ❤️!

    As much as you have given the amount of time spent at each stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if that amount of time is even a bit underestimated. Photography is art and artists take time to perfect their art!

    Love your work!

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