September 14, 2019

NYC Fashion Show with Marie Belle Couture

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Back in the Spring of this year , I was honoured to have been chosen by Marie Belle Couture to be her Primary Photographer at the NYC Fashion Show powered by The Society of Fashion . I was elated , nervous , scared and so excited all at the same time. I’m going to give you a little background about Marie , how we meet and my experience at the NYC fashion Week. But first lets start with Marie , She is pretty new to the Fashion world, but is taking it by storm, she is absolutely amazing and rising up the ranks fast. Marie is hard working, Kind , fair and treats everyone equally and truly loves what she does and it shows in each aspect and detail of her work. And wow can she make little girls feel like total princesses in stunning gowns.

I started buying her gowns earlier on in the year because they caught my eye. As a Boutique photograher im always searching for amazing gowns for my clients. and Marie Belle couture’s line is truly incredible , fun , sweet, photographs like a dream and are totally age appropriate which I truly love most. Marie makes dresses that young girls can be beautiful in but their completely perfect for each child’s age. And as a photographer that is also my aim each and every day I have a session . Plus I have personally seen my clients and the model glow as soon as they put them on they feel amazing and special and they just light up in front of the camera.

Marie and I quickly become friends, as we got to know each other. So when she first asked me to photograph the show, first shock kicked in, all I kept thinking was she chose me , out of all the possible photographers she picked a small town Canadian I was speechless . I was honoured and knew what was ahead of me, and I spent hours and hours in my spare time preparing for the show, as I wanted to give her the best I could possibly do and aim high in my photography. As I have never done a fashion show before. Portrait sessions are a lot slower and I knew fashion shows are fast and there is little time between each pose especially with young children and I was right it was fast . I didn’t want to miss a moment that was key in my goal.

Sept 6, 2019 I drove down with my middle daughter who was also a model in Marie’s show and my husband, The rest of my kids got left behind with nana and our doodle, which I’m relieved about as I don’t think there was enough eyes for my husband to watch all four. What a drive and a amazing experience. The city truly came to life as soon as we hit the Lincoln tunnel and was bustling with traffic, horns honking, people running across streets, one car even backfired and sounded like a gun shot, I think I went pale by the way until my husband told me what it was. Its truly a city that never sleeps and so much to see. As soon as we hit NYC I knew this was huge , It hit me quickly , I was ready and felt calm which was almost eerie and exhilarating at the same time . I slept well and woke up ready .

Saturday Sept 7, 2019 was the big day of the show , In my best words possible It was fast paced, hectic and amazing all at the same time . I quickly got to feel for the day and went with it, I was in my own zone and so proud of the results . I have to say It was a true pleasure to finally meet Marie in person and got to spend a short amount of time with some truly amazing kids and some of their moms. It was experience I will truly never forget and I loved getting my feet wet and get my first taste of the fashion show experience from a photographers perspective in many different ways Its a whole different world then Portraits and honestly cant wait to do it again . I hope you love the Pics as much as I loved taking them . here is Marie Belle Couture’s Line !!

I will be doing a total of three Blogs, about the entire fashion show experience this one is about the actual runway show and highlighting the models and Marie’s Dresses .The next one will be about the street pics I took in between the show and the third part will be about my amazing experience on Sunday the day after in Central Park with a sweet girl . Have an amazing day .

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