January 5, 2022

12-Month Esteem and Empowering Portrait Campaign 2022!

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What is the Esteem and Empowerment Campaign?

It’s a new year, and most of us have taken some time to reflect on the past year and our goals for the future. I would like to share one of my biggest goals for the upcoming year: To enrich, empower and increase the self-esteem of tween girls & teen girls and women over the age of 40.

As we head into another year of this seemingly never-ending pandemic, I notice so many of us women and girls, getting tired, worn down and needing a boost in self-esteem to feel great about ourselves. I want to change those feelings into positive ones. Every girl and woman deserves a day of pampering and to feel like they are at the top of the world.

Tweens and teens are spending even more time online lately and away from friends, and spending more time on social media, especially during the pandemic. It’s a time in their lives that is constantly filled with changes, disappointments and frustrations not only due to the news and restrictions but just from being in that age group in general. It’s harder for tweens and teens as they are just starting to figure out who they are, and where they fit into society with so many new expectations of them. All this is adding up to an increased level of insecurity and need to boost self-esteem in their daily lives. I want to see that change and bring to light how amazing girls are, and how they are strong, smart, and have so much light inside them.

As a mother of four, who since the pandemic is now wearing so many more hats than normal all at once due to the pandemic, I see women around me, including myself, being more exhausted, tired and taking care of everyone else first and leaving little room for what’s left to take care of themselves, to feel like the beautiful women we are. Beauty is not only on the outside but how we feel inside really gets ignored and our self-esteem suffers. We as women take care of everyone else first, it’s our natural nature. My goal is to change that not only for others but for myself also.

Especially for women over 40, hitting that benchmark is a hard-on its own; I know I felt like even though nothing externally changed, it drove those insecurities up to the point I didn’t want my own portraits done. But then I realized It had been a while since I was in a family portrait and that I was missing out, and so were my kids and family from having those memories of me. Just because we hit 40 doesn’t mean we are no longer essential or beautiful or full of grace and humour. If anything, we have so much more to offer. I want women to see that in themselves, to have a day of being pampered and feel truly beautiful inside and out. But also feel empowered to conquer the world and have that self-confidence about being themselves. while creating memories that they will proudly keep and show of in their homes.

As a professional photographer and as a mom I know how portraits can empower and increase self-esteem, I see it happen daily with my clients and my own children. It gives them a sense of true sense of self-worth and confidence.

This year, I will create three campaigns, starting the middle of this month, each designed specifically for the three age groups. Tweens, teens and women over 40 !!

What is included in the campaigns:

Each campaign is very specific to the age category, posing, and wardrobe pieces selected, This is all done at our planning session together and each session will be very individualized and custom to each client. Each portrait session will include some of the client’s own wardrobe which we will choose together but they will also have full access to wardrobe pieces from our studio closet to complete the full look of the session. Hair and makeup will be completed by a professional makeup artist and light snacks and beverages will be provided once covid restrictions allow so. The tween and a teen portion will include a portion of their session dedicated to a hobby or sport they love and we will create some storytelling or sports images for them, for example, if they love ballet, soccer, basketball, reading, art, painting, playing a musical instrument. This is all part of the experience of not just getting stunning heirloom portraits, but this will give them the self-esteem and some truly special memories to push through this time in their life.

Our women over forty (40) will include all of the above, plus a day of pampering and relaxing away from the hectic hours at home, we will take our time in getting you relaxed and comfortable, in a non-rushed environment. So you are ready for your portrait session. As a photographer I hear all the time mainly from women, I don’t look great in photos, Im not comfortable getting portraits of myself done. I don’t have a good side, or I look fat or hate my body. I am here for you every step of the way, I will walk you through each pose, and pick the most perfect angle and pose. The goal is for you to love yourself, and feel like you are truly a special and amazing woman while getting portraits that you will truly love and pass on for generations to come.

These are a step above your regular portrait sessions. This is a full portrait experience, that is designed to uplift you, take your worries away and it’s a gift that keeps on giving as you also get to get away for a day, and just do something truly special just for yourself.

My goal at the end of this campaign is to create 3 magazines for each individual 3 campaigns and publish them in January 2023, and to have a small gallery gala in the studio that will celebrate and show off all the stunning art pieces in early 2023 and celebrate each campaign and individual story taken.

All covid measures have been put in place in the studio, to secure everyone’s safety, a covid screening must be done prior to each session, and stringent cleaning is done before and after each session, Masks to be worn when not being photographed and used at all times by photographer. If you would like to know more about our policies, please check here for a link to all protocols in place, any new restrictions at the time of session are met as required by the Ontario government: https://soniagourliefineartphotography.com/covid-update-pretty-dreams-photography-blog-ottawa-ontario/

Investment for pretty dreams photography esteem project
Pretty Dreams Photography Luxury Esteem Campaign

How To Book Your Campaign Portrait Experience :

1. You can email us at prettydreamsphotography@gmail.com and the information PDF will be sent to you or speed up the process by calling us directly at 613-633-8618 to reserve a session. or inquire on our webpage https://soniagourliefineartphotography.com/inquire

2. After we determine a date and time, you must pay the creative fee and contract to reserve your spot.

3. Read all the materials we send.

4. Have an amazing experience!

  1. Lisa M says:

    I love this idea, and Im very interested in doing this for myself, your article really spoke to me, and I would love to book a women over 40 for myself as I could really use a boost.

    • Hi Lisa , I have responded back to your email, thank you again for your interest and I truly promise these will be truly incredible sessions that you will cherish the results for generations to come.

  2. Chantal Bellevieu says:

    Are dresses included like the one above for teens? I have a 15 year old who this would be perfect for this , Can you please send me more details per the email I sent this morning.

    • Good morning Chantal, Yes dresses like this and many others are available for the formal section on the teen session, during the planning portion together we will pick the dresses selected for the session. I have sent you an email with all the details, I look forward to hearing more from you .

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