Ready to embark on a bespoke portrait session that will surpass your dreams and expectations? This is not a typical studio; Sonia goes above and beyond to bring your dreams to reality. Any ideas you have are not too far-fetched; let's brainstorm together to create whimsical portraits that you will proudly display in your home.

Experienced, Focused and Qualified 

Sonia invests in high-quality gear, props and software in order to produce beautiful, professional imagery.
Her studio is fully licensed & insured; she is truly a professional and have worked hard at perfecting her craft. Situated in North Gower this beautiful studio offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience that'll keep you coming back for more.

She is qualified, trained and fully accredited child and newborn photographer.

She has taken many courses and training in safe newborn posing and handling.
Sonia has an assistant during newborn sessions, to increase the efficiency and level of safety during those precious moments with a fragile newborn baby.

She is fully accredited by the professional photographer of Canada in Children and Infant Portraits and APNPI newborn certified.
Sonia takes great care in ensuring her clients are truly comfortable during their sessions; outdoors or IN STUDIO, there is a play area for siblings to stay entertained. As well she provides snacks and beverages, Sonia takes great joy in making sure that everyone has everything they need throughout their experience.

She makes sure that there is great COMMUNICATION and that you are heard and that your vision comes to life and in turn, are delivered a service that puts your best interest first. There is value in finding a photographer who takes your memories and portraits as seriously as you do. Sonia is very passionate and dedicated to her clients, their memories and the photographs that depict them.
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 Mothers Day Exclusives : April 2023  Lets create beautiful portrait session with your precious little ones who made you a mother, a grandmother or even a great-grandmother. This is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself or your partner can give you—Timeless Heirloom Portraits frozen in time. As time goes on, these will become more precious and valuable. So let’s create that special gift for you and, one day, for them.
Ready in plenty of time for Mother’s Day.
Starting April 1st, I have opened a selected amount of days to make your Mother's Day portraits truly special.
Includes timeless studio wardrobe for mothers, grandmothers, even great grandmothers and Children.
Wide choices from gowns to simple dresses to little suits.
Fresh Flowers.
Custom planning phone call.
1-hour portrait session.
Timeless artwork & memories.
Gallery reveal appointment to choose your artwork.
First Mom to Book will get a bonus 11x14 Print of her favourite Portrait. 
Book today to secure your spot.

Seasonal Exclusives